About the opportunity 

The ACRF Image X Institute at the University of Sydney has three exciting opportunities suited to students from a variety of different backgrounds such as maths, software/algorithm development, medical physics and engineering. 

Successful applicants will be offered a $35,000 per annum stipend scholarship to perform research into acquiring CT images of patients as their heart beats, they breathe or during walking. This research has applications in both radiation therapy and radiology. The type of work involved includes: 

  • Image reconstruction (inverse problems) for students that are more mathematically inclined 
  • Image segmentation and image processing for students interested in coding and algorithm development (including machine learning) 
  • Hands on experiment work for students wanting experience working with clinical imaging equipment or students wanting to get involved in clinical trials. 
  • In addition to the above projects, there is an opportunity to work on a project directly with an industry partner in the area of astrodynamics and satellite orbit determination. 

Successful applicants will be required to be accepted into and enrol in a PhD program at the University of Sydney in order to receive the scholarship. 

For students successful in attracting an RTP scholarship (or other external scholarship), this scholarship will revert to a $10,000 supplementary scholarship.

Applications close January 18th.

About You 

The University values courage and creativity; openness and engagement; inclusion and diversity; and respect and integrity. As such, we see the importance of recruiting talent aligned to these values and are looking for applicants who:  

  • Are interested in using their expertise to improve health outcomes. 
  • Will be part of a multidisciplinary team of physicists, engineers, mathematicians and clinicians. 
  • Are self-motivated, highly organised and have the capacity to undertake research to a PhD standard.
About Us 

The ACRF Image X Institute is a centre for innovation in radiation therapy and cancer imaging technologies at the University of Sydney. 90% of standard radiotherapy systems in the world contain technology developed by us. We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to improving health outcomes. We strive to provide a supportive, enriching & challenging environment for PhD students. 

About the Supervisors 

A/Prof Ricky O’Brien
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Associate Professor Ricky O’Brien is the Deputy Director of the ACRF Image-X Institute, University of Sydney. Ricky leads the ACRF Image X Institute’s Patient Connected Imaging Program, which develops novel solutions to predict and mitigate the effects of patient motion on medical imaging.  

Ricky’s primary research interest is in developing new medical imaging technologies with a focus on radiotherapy, for which he has been awarded three international patents. This work is cross disciplinary and covers novel applications in medicine, physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. Funded by more than $10M of competitive government grant funding from the NHMRC, Cancer Australia, NSW Health and the Cancer Institute NSW, Ricky leads a multi-disciplinary team of 6 post-doctoral researchers. 

Prof Paul Keall
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Dr Paul Keall is a Professor in the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney and an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow.  

At the University of Sydney Prof. Keall and his team of 20+ scientists have the mission to create, share and apply novel cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy methods that improve human health. His team have achieved significant bench-to-bedside clinical translational milestones in 4D imaging, real-time tumour position localisation, real-time adaptive radiotherapy, CT ventilation imaging and audiovisual biofeedback. Additional programs include the research and development of the Australian MRI-Linear accelerator, and the Nano-X cancer radiotherapy system. 

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